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Ok so I guess I should introduce myself a little…..

I live in Cairns, Far Nth Queensland, Australia and have only been cardmaking for just over a year, which is when I discovered SU.  I totally love all the fantastic products they have and am completely addicted….lol  Don’t believe me just ask my husband!!

Anyway the majority of cards I have  made are from classes I have attended over the past 12 mths or so, I wasn’t going to post them because they are not  my own but I have been encouraged to share them with you none the less.  I will specify which ones are class cards and with whom.

I have two fantastic SU demonstrators that I currently attend card classes with, and love everything  they both do.  They are both amazing, inspiring, talented ladies and I appreciate everything they have taught me.  Thanks Shan and Sal!!!

For those of you who don’t know my husband is in the Royal Australian Navy and is currently posted at the other end of the country, so cardmaking is a great way for me to get out and make friends while trying to live without my husband (who by the way has been absent now for 18mths….boo hoo!!).  Through SU and the classes and get together’s I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazingly talented ladies and I really enjoy spending time with them and learning from them.

Well I guess that’s enough “guff” about me for now.  I hope you enjoy the cards I am about to post.

Oh just  a foot note I also enjoy “blog-surfing” and trying to “case” some of the fantastic cards I find online, so if you happen to see something that looks similiar to one of yours and I haven’t mentioned you, I am terribly sorry.

Thanks for looking



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