Explosion Box

So while I was at retreat I got the chance to make an explosion box.  The very talented Michelle Zahra from Innisfail was making one and was so very generous in letting me and a couple of the other girls “copy” her.  I chose to alter mine a little and made it into a “love explosion box” for my husband.  I am so very very happy with how this turned out.

The second photo is of the box in its complete form.  I really have to thank Shannean Moncrieff my very talented Stampin Up demonstrator for making me the red rose on top.  She has attempted to teach me how to make them on a couple of occasions now and I still cant do it anywhere near as well as she does.

The first photo is of the box open.  As you can see I did love hearts and flowers on the inside of my box.  The scallop oval at the front says “I Love You The Most”, the perfect sentiment for my husband.

Here is a close up of the message and the message in the middle of the box just says “I Love You”.

Thanks for looking



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