Name Frames

Well I told you I have been busy this last month, but this is probably my most favourite gift that I have made for my friends and family this year.  I saw these name frames on Debra Daam’s website.  She had made her’s for wedding presents, but I thought they would make fantastic personal Christmas presents.  I have made one for one of my best friends and Stampin Up demonstrator Sally Hayward, one for my mum and her husband Jeff, and one for my dad and his partner Lyn, one for my mother and father in law and I am going to make one for myself too.

I am just so proud of these, I love how they turned out.  I am hoping everyone who receives them loves them as much as I do.  I did make another one for a friend, but I haven’t given it to her yet so I wont be posting that until later.  I tried to make each one a little different from the next.  I choose browns and blues for Sally’s because I know its her favourite colour combination, pink for my mum because thats her favourite colour, and tried to make my dads one a little masculine.

This was the first name frame that I made.  I have been going to classes with Sally for about 2 years now and we have become really good friends,well I think we have anyway…lol So I wanted to make something special to give to her for Christmas.

This is the one I made for my mum and her husband Jeff.  This time I added a little frame with their initials, and didn’t stamp on the vanilla background behind their surname.

I did this one a bit different.  I made this one for my dad and his partner Lyn, and seeing as they aren’t married I didn’t want to use just dad’s surname (which I don’t think would’ve fitted anyway because its sooooo long), so I chose to have “Our Home” instead. I love how the background looks on this one and I love the little metallic butterfly on the ribbon.

I haven’t finished my in-laws one yet and I haven’t even started our one yet, but when I do I will add them to this post.

Hope your all having a wonderful relaxing Christmas day like we are.

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