3D Project

Hi again

boy am I excited to show you this project.  As I mentioned in my previous post I have been working on this for two days and was really nervous about how it was going to turn out.  This is my own design and something that I pictured in my head so none the less I am over the moon that it has turned out exactly how I wanted it to………..which for those of you who craft with me, know that doesn’t always happen……tee hee.

Now I wouldn’t say this is a practical item, but it’s very pretty and will look great in my crafting cave.  I had originally planned to make this as a little present for a friends birthday but got nervous about how it might turn out so decided to personalize this one for myself and see how I like it.  Well now that its finished, and I’m totally in love with it, I think I will definitely make another one for my friend’s birthday.  I hope she loves it as much as I do.  Does that mean another two days of working on the same project??????

Well I have rambled on enough I hope you are all dying to see my latest and possibly my greatest creation so far.  Here it is……….

This is the side with my chipboard letter, and lid.  I have taken lots of photo’s of this at many different angles, so hopefully you will be able to see all the detail.

This is the opposite side with the pretty bow.  Boy I’m getting clever, I can now tie bow’s with two pieces of ribbon at the same time……. tee hee

This is a close up of the lid.  I used one of the gorgeous flowers I got as a birthday present from Shan last year.  As you have probably guessed by now there isn’t a lot of Stampin Up! products used on this project, and your right but sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do.  I love the string of pearls and mini roses.  Not sure if you can see it properly but I also used crackle medium to age the vintage cream paint (you may need to click on the photo for a better view).  I also added some gold Kindy Glitz to the edges of the roses  just for a little bling.  I think it really works don’t you?

I painted the inside of the box in a dark brown to give it depth when the lid is off.

Another one of the lid.

Well thanks for visiting, would love to hear what you think of my latest creations.  Please leave a comment if you feel the need, it’s always nice to know someone is visiting and appreciating my efforts.



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