Flower Garden Embossing Folder

Hello again

These cards are just lovely.  I also made these at Sally’s weekly Friday night class.  We learn’t a couple of new techniques with these cards too which was good.  It’s amazing how something that looks so special can be so very simple to create.

I haven’t been able to decide which one of these I like the best, I think they are all great.

I am in love with my Big Shot machine so any card that allows me to use it to make something beautiful I am always happy.  I love these two embossing folders together.  I really think this card looks great and it has literally no stamping at all, except for the little greeting of course.  Its an ideal card for when you need something with a “wow” factor in a hurry, it doesn’t take very long at all to create and you can use any colour combination that takes your fancy.  I think the black and white looks really elegant.

How good does this card look?  I love the spotlight embossing that we did, it is so very easy to do too. All the cards we made at this class were black and white and just look so sophisticated. You could add any greeting to this card for any occasion.

Now this one has been embossed by the two different embossing folders like the first one, but we didn’t use card stock we used vallum.  The trickiest part was trying not to emboss over the tulip frame with the flower garden embossing folder. Luckily I didn’t mess it up.  It really looks impressive in real life.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at  my cards today and have been inspired to try some of the techniques.

Thanks for visiting.



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