Is this Gotham City or did I fall down the rabbit hole????

Well I figured while I’m posting non card related posts I might as well run with it.  This past Easter I went to visit my daughter who is at university in Brisbane.   We had a lovely time catching up and sight-seeing around Brisbane.

Here is my daughter Cassandra in the mall.

If you haven’t been to Brisbane before it is full of installation art.  Here Cass is standing beside these huge silver balls.  They look great during the day but at night they have multi-coloured lights in them.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of them at night, but take my word for it they looked impressive.

While we were walking around the city we found some amazing looking buildings.  We both agreed that this one looked like it belonged in Gothan City….. tee hee

Brisbane is a city of contrasts, not only does it have beautiful old buildings like these ones.

It is also full of modern art buildings.  Check out these for artistic.

This looked liked the side of the building was covered in snow.

These huge butterflies were all along this incredibly long building.  It was so large I couldn’t take a photo of the whole thing so I had to make do with close up shots of different sections.

How beautiful is this old clock tower?  The City of Brisbane really do a fantastic job in taking care of its heritage buildings.

While we were wandering up and down Queen Street Mall we came across Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.  They were handing out Easter eggs and had a play area set up for little children.

Here’s the White Rabbit doing his best male model pose.

This is a photo of the city skyline from Southbank with the Brisbane River in the foreground.  Brisbane really is a pretty city.

And you can’t visit Brisbane without riding the Brisbane Eye.  We rode the Brisbane Eye early Easter Sunday morning and it was a lovely way to start the day.

Well again, thanks for visiting.



Emily turns 3

Well I don’t often post non card related items on this blog because I really only want to use it for that medium, but I had such a wonderful time at a special little girls birthday party a couple of weeks ago I wanted to share some photos with you.

One of my best friends daughter turned three a couple of weeks ago, and her mum (Sally) went to such extraordinary lengths to make it so very special and beautiful that I couldn’t help but want to post some photos of the party.

Emily is a beautiful, shy little girl who looked absolutely gorgeous dressed in her princess tutu, crown and all.  Sally created a princess wonderland for Em’s party and I think Emily and all her little friends had a fantastic time, I know I did.

So here is the beautiful little princess in all her glory.  Don’t you just love that amazing dress.  Sally has excellent taste when it comes to princess dresses…tee hee  Oh by the way, see that pink and white lollipop in her hand?  Well that is about all Miss Em ate the entire party and didn’t let it go, even when we were dancing together.

Here is my bestest little buddy, Thomas.  He is Emily’s big brother and is just too cute for words.  We have so much fun together practising his soccer kicking, or just running around the house like maniacs together.

Here is some of the gorgeous party food that Sally made.  Not only did it taste great but it looked amazing and so very pink and pretty.

Everybody’s favourite….Cupcakes!!!! Check out the cute little princess toppers.

Check out this castle and the turrets that hold more cupcakes.  Amazing, I must admit I never went to this much effort for my girls birthdays.  Does that make me a bad mum????? LOL

Mmmmm cake pops, I had never had these before but gosh they were so yummy.  How cute do they look with the little flowers on top.

Even the containers matched the pink and white princess theme, these are mini marshmallows and chocolate wafer sticks.

Sally even made chocolate princess crowns.  Some where pink and white and others were dark chocolate.  So many yummy treats it was hard to know what to try first.

Here is the amazing princess castle birthday cake.  Pretty impressive hey?

Not only did Sally make a huge effort to make sure the food coordinated with the pink princess theme but also the decorations.  Take a look at these.

Every princess needs her own carriage pulled by a white steed.  Notice the pink princess castle on the corner?

Just in case one castle isn’t enough, how about helium balloon castle too.  Now you can’t have a princess party without inviting some legendary Disney character princesses.  Can you name these two famous Disney princesses?  I must admit I struggled.

And of course it wouldn’t be a party without bunting!!!!

Even the poles of the playgroup verandah weren’t safe from Sally’s decorators eye.  Beautiful garlands of pink flowers and white butterflies to finish off the magical theme.

Here is one of my favourite photo’s.  It’s the birthday princess Emily with her proud daddy John.

And I couldn’t possibly finish this post without showing you a photo of the women who single-handedly created this princess wonderland for Emily and her little friends.

This is Sally (she’s the one on the left).  She is an amazing women, fantastic mum, and one of the best friends I could ever ask for.  She did an amazing job decorating, baking and organising Emily’s birthday party, I’m not surprised she needed a “V” to keep her going….lol

Well thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the photo’s of Emily’s birthday party.  It was a great day and luckily it only started to rain as we finished packing the cars and cleaning up.


More Field Flowers with Shan

Ok so while I am showing you some of my field flowers cards I thought I would show you these three gorgeous cards that I made at one Shannean’s stamp clubs.  I really don’t think it’s possible to make an ugly card with this stamp set, or am I just bias????

Well take a look at these three and make up your own mind.

Of course this one would be my favourite, but only because it’s blue….tee hee.  I love all these cards so it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Well I  hope you like them, I wonder which one is your favourite?

Thanks for visiting.


Field Flowers in Wisteria Wonder

Well hello again

I have been really really slack in posting on my blog over the past few months.  I have lots to show you but rather than overload your inbox all at once I will post a couple at a time.  I can’t believe it has been about two months since I last posted.  I had every intention on posting at least on a weekly basis but I guess sometimes life just gets in the way and things like blogging get pushed to the side.

Ok enough with my apologies and excuses.  As I have mentioned many many times before I am totally in love with this stamp set and it is usually the first one I pull out when I want to make a pretty girly card.

I made this card with the intention of sending it to my husbands grandmother for her birthday but never got around to posting it to her.  Maybe I should send it to her for Mothers Day instead, what do you think?

Well here is my card.  I’m a little proud of this one because it hasn’t been cased from anyone.  Not that I’m saying its a totally original idea but it’s one I didn’t base on something else I had seen.  I used Wisteria Wonder as Nana Giles likes purple, I hope you do

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