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Well a couple of weeks ago something weird came over me and I lodged an entry in the card making competition held during a local annual show.   Not sure what came over me but hey it’s too late now.

I tossed and turned over what card to make, I had an original idea for a card then thought it may be too difficult to be hung on the display board at the show so I gave up on that idea.  Then I decided I would just go with a previous card that I made that I am pretty proud of.  You can see the post about that card here

Gee, that was easy.  Well that’s what I thought.  I was telling a friend (she has entered scrapbook pages in the show in previous years and won some ribbons too),  that I was planning on entering the above mentioned card in the show one night last week and she said I should enter the baby card I made for my cousin last month.  You can see that card here in case you missed the previous post

Well if I was going to do that I would have to make another card because I had already posted this card off to my cousin.  So at 10am yesterday morning that’s exactly what I started to do.  Mind you the entry had to be submitted to the show steward by 4pm yesterday, so I was cutting it a bit short to start making a whole new card.

I had decided that I would make it a boy baby card just for a little variety.  I had every intention of basically copying the original card I had made but just in blue.  Subsequently, as all well laid plans go this didn’t happen.

Here is what I came up with.

P1020650This card is not as busy as the previous one I made for Emily but you can see the similarities.  I used whisper white and bashful blue card stock and bashful blue ribbon, dsp, and ink.

P1020651I kept the inside very simple too.

Well, I don’t have any grand illusions of winning a ribbon at the show, it was a good experience and now at least I have a boy baby card on stock if I happen to need one…. 🙂

The judging takes place today (although the show isn’t until next Wed, Thur & Fri), so I would like to wish all the entrants (whoever they may be) all the very best of luck.  I did notice that there were only about 6 entries before I submitted mine so I think it might be a difficult job for the judges.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my card so please leave me a comment.

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Welcome Emily


Today’s card that I want to show you is one I made for my cousin and her husband. My cousin Trinity and her husband Simon had their first long awaited for child a couple of weeks ago.

The gorgeous little Emily was born about 3 weeks ago, and she is as cute as a button.

Of course all little girls love pink (even newborn ones…lol), and every girl deserves a diamond or two. So of course I had to make a pink baby card with lots of diamonds for the lovely little Emily.

Once again I cased this card from the talented Ann Schach, however, this time I mixed it up a bit from the original than the last card I cased from Ann.

Here is what I came up with.

Baby Prints for Emily

I really love how this card turned out. I love the little bunting at the bottom of the card with Emily’s name over the top.

Baby Prints for Emily Close Up

I hope Trini & Simon love this card as much as I do.

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Tina x