Mitchell’s Bday

So as you are aware I don’t blog very much so I am really behind with my cards.  The first one I would like to show you is one I made back in October (yes, I said October), for my step-son’s birthday in November.  It’s an usual card, because it folds out twice.  I hope you like it.

Mitchell's Bday Card 2012

Mitchell's Bday Card 2012 Open 1

Mitchell's Bday Card 2012 Open 2

Well that’s it for today, I will be back tomorrow with another post to show you.

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More my style

So I have been noticing that the thing to do in the blogging world is to change the style of your blog when the new year starts.  A fresh start and all that.  So seeing as I’m not very good at doing much else in relation to blogging…tee hee, I thought I would at least pick up on this trend.  Although I liked my other design, I really aren’t much of a pink girl as I am sure you know by now.  So I found a nice blue one which fits me perfectly.  I hope you like my new look.  One of new year resolutions this year is to blog more regularly.  I am hoping to blog after I have made a card so I don’t clog up your inbox with too many posts at once.

So tomorrow I am going to start showing you some of the stuff I have made over the Christmas period.

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