Jan Stamp Club

Hi again

this is the card I made at Sally’s first “Stamp Club” for 2012.  I love this set and really need to get around to purchasing it, it uses the Established Elegance stamp set from Stampin Up!.  It’s such a beautiful stamp set.  We all made this card but as you would expect, no two were the same.  Isn’t that the best thing about cardmaking you can be sitting next to someone making the “same” card and they look totally different when completed.


Of course it is using both mine and Sally’s favourite colour combination.

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More boxes

Ok it’s finally finished.  This was what I was going to give Sally for her birthday with something sweet inside, but as it progressed it got more and more masculine so I decided to make it for my hubby, and will go back to the drawing board and think of something completely different to make Sal for her belated birthday present, AND it won’t be a box…. tee hee

I do like how this has turned out and you may wonder why it took so long but it took ages to get that textured paint look with multiple coats and lots of drying.  These are the first rosettes I have made and I’m really happy with how they turned out.  There were a few mistakes along the way before I made these four, but they ended up in the bin.

Take a look and see what you think.


This is the front of the box, unlike the previous square box I did, this is the only side I decorated.  I figured seeing as it’s masculine then it doesn’t need lots of embellishments or bling.  I used crystal effects on the “M” to make it nice and shiny and stand out against the rosette.


Here’s a close up of the side, you can see from the reflection that the “M” is shiny.


Here is the lid.  I wanted to give it a bit of height so I stacked three rosettes of differing size on top of each other.  I also alternated the DSP to break it up and added a vanilla coloured button to top it off.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest creation.

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Pink & White and all things nice…..

Hi again

well I have definitely found my “mojo” and am really enjoying creating 3D projects at the moment.  This is my second creation that I made yesterday but it was too dark to photograph it by the time I finished it.  I am currently working on my third project which hopefully I will have finished today and will be able to show you tomorrow.   But no promises as it has several steps to complete and lots of drying time in between each step.

With this second project I tried to do something completely different to the first one.  I’m not naturally a pink girl (I much prefer blues of any shade), but this just looks so very pretty.  Even my ever critical 19 year old daughter likes it, so I must be doing something right hey?  She said it looks like a wedding gift, but I was thinking it could also be a lovely little gift for a newborn baby girl, or a special present for a dear friend.

Take a look and see what you think.

How pretty is this little gem.  I didn’t use crackle medium on this one like the last one.  Instead I used a different brush technique to give the box texture and then added opal dust over the top.  I decided to cover the entire lid with the little pink roses, I just couldn’t decide which ones to use and which ones not to use, so I used them all.

This is the side view, not sure if its very clear but if you look really closely you will see the opal dust glittering.  This box took much less time to create than the last one as I didn’t have to add multiple coats of things or any sanding.

This is a close up of the lid with all the gorgeous pale pink roses.  I have added a touch of glitter to the edges of the petals.  Here’s a closer look.

Can you see the glitter?  It really makes the roses look so spectacular.

This is a close up of the side of the box.  The little pink pearls just add that extra something special to the white lace.

Well I have really enjoyed showing you this box today, I am so proud of it and incredibly happy with how it has turned out.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to.

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3D Project

Hi again

boy am I excited to show you this project.  As I mentioned in my previous post I have been working on this for two days and was really nervous about how it was going to turn out.  This is my own design and something that I pictured in my head so none the less I am over the moon that it has turned out exactly how I wanted it to………..which for those of you who craft with me, know that doesn’t always happen……tee hee.

Now I wouldn’t say this is a practical item, but it’s very pretty and will look great in my crafting cave.  I had originally planned to make this as a little present for a friends birthday but got nervous about how it might turn out so decided to personalize this one for myself and see how I like it.  Well now that its finished, and I’m totally in love with it, I think I will definitely make another one for my friend’s birthday.  I hope she loves it as much as I do.  Does that mean another two days of working on the same project??????

Well I have rambled on enough I hope you are all dying to see my latest and possibly my greatest creation so far.  Here it is……….

This is the side with my chipboard letter, and lid.  I have taken lots of photo’s of this at many different angles, so hopefully you will be able to see all the detail.

This is the opposite side with the pretty bow.  Boy I’m getting clever, I can now tie bow’s with two pieces of ribbon at the same time……. tee hee

This is a close up of the lid.  I used one of the gorgeous flowers I got as a birthday present from Shan last year.  As you have probably guessed by now there isn’t a lot of Stampin Up! products used on this project, and your right but sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do.  I love the string of pearls and mini roses.  Not sure if you can see it properly but I also used crackle medium to age the vintage cream paint (you may need to click on the photo for a better view).  I also added some gold Kindy Glitz to the edges of the roses  just for a little bling.  I think it really works don’t you?

I painted the inside of the box in a dark brown to give it depth when the lid is off.

Another one of the lid.

Well thanks for visiting, would love to hear what you think of my latest creations.  Please leave a comment if you feel the need, it’s always nice to know someone is visiting and appreciating my efforts.


Because I Care……with a twist

Boy have I been busy this weekend.  I mentioned in my last post that I was planning on getting into my “Crafting Cave” very soon.  I have spent a lot of my holidays blog hopping getting lots and lots of inspiration for fantastic projects and making me very, very eager for Stampin Up!’s Sale-a-bration to begin.

Today I want to show you a card I made yesterday and last night.  I was up until 2.30am working on this little beauty.  I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.  I cased it from Gayle Wheeler at http://www.stampingville.com.  Gayle’s card was a wedding card but I wanted mine for a birthday card for a very dear friend of mine so I changed it up a bit.

Hope you like it.

Isn’t it pretty?  I think so.  I love how the flower head turned out, especially the different shades of colour.  Believe it or not these little flowers have only been inked in one colour, although they look like several colours.  Clever trick hey?

Here is a close up of the flower head so you can see the colour and detail better.

I randomly added some small pearls just to make it a bit more feminine.  The pale pink organza ribbon just looks so pretty too.  Look how good I am getting at making bows Shan……. tee hee.  I originally only had one layer on the leaves but felt they weren’t prominent enough so I texturized a second layer and secured them with mini dots.

I am currently working on another project, which I started yesterday but is taking much longer to complete.  I am hoping to have it finished either today or tomorrow so I can’t show you any photos just yet, but lets just say I am up to my elbows in crackle medium and paint…… 🙂

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Letter to Santa

Hi again

now I know your probably all over seeing Christmas cards but I just have to show this gorgeous card I made at Shannean’s last Stamp Club night of 2011.  I know it’s not a new idea, I have seen lots of this type of card online in many different designs, but I was so impressed with how well this turned out.  It’s very simple but so very effective.  Thanks Shan for teaching me how to make this lovely card.

Here it is in all it’s unfolded glory…. 🙂

I have seen this type of card made into a snowman, I was thinking maybe next year I will give it a go but might do Santa instead.

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Flower Fest

Me again

I know technically I said I would post over the weekend and if your paying really close attention you will notice that both of these posts are being done after 12am, which makes it Monday.

This card was cased from Anne Marie Hile, but I changed it up a bit.  I used Poppy Parade, Basic Black and Whisper White cardstock and the Flower Fest stamp set.  I am taking a real liking to these stamps that look like they have been stamped with chalk.  I embossed the flowers and butterfly with black embossing powder to really make them stand out.

I used two different DSP’s for this card too.  I have made this card for an old school friend who is having a birthday this month (well actually tomorrow).  I hope she likes it even though it will be late.

I added the matching butterfly on the inside of the card too.

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